About REACH Ecosystems

Towards Reimagining Education for Agency in Children (REACH), we designed a program that leverages the power of collectives to create long-term change and a bigger impact. Towards this, we build partnerships with organizations in the ecosystem and inspire them to bring the principles of student agency into their classrooms and learning spaces. By partnering with grassroots organizations, we establish close-knit relationships and work in tandem to foster student-centered pedagogies and practices within their learning spaces. We believe by inspiring these organizations, we can collectively bring about significant positive change in the educational landscape.

Program outline

  • 1

    Align on Vision

  • 2

    Co-create interventions

  • 3

    Orient, train and create shared resources

  • 4

    Implement and monitor programs

Impact So Far

  • 3 Partners

    Parivaar Education SocietySankalp Ek PrayaasSanjhi Sikhiya

  • 18,000


  • 4 new initiatives

    towards fostering student agency

Beyond Peer Teaching & Learning

We design initiatives that help the students become more involved in their learning process. Though centered around students, the initiatives with our partner organizations also leverage communities, teachers and other key stakeholders towards providing a complete educational experience.

Language program

In October 2022, we initiated a Hindi language program in six Kutirs of the Tamia block in tribal Madhya Pradesh, addressing students’ reading and comprehension difficulties. The program emphasized reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through engaging activities and family involvement, fostering confidence, curiosity, and collaboration among students.


Student Leaders from Parivaar Seva kutirs in Tamia (with their teachers) initiated “Pahal,” a student-led initiative promoting education awareness in their communities. Pahal involved students conducting campaigns, street plays and various initiatives to share their ideas of learning, education and opportunity with their community.


Launched in December 2022, “Prayaas” is a student-driven adult literacy program involving nearly 80 Student Leaders from seven villages who teach practical literacy skills to parents and community members. It empowers adults to read important information, enhancing community inclusivity and lifelong learning.


A crucial space for communities and learning spaces to interact is the Parent Teacher Meeting. In collaboration with Parivaar, we redesigned the Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) to make them more engaging and student-led. These well-organized meetings involve capacity-building for educators, community-based locations, and student showcases to promote trust, collaboration, and shared responsibility for holistic growth and development.

Stories of Students

2 students, 1 long train journey and an experience of a lifetime!

Muttor is a small village in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. We’ve been running our Peer Teaching program (in partnership with Parivaar Seva Kutir) in this village since 2021. This year as Involve was celebrating its 5-year milestone, we invited 2 of our most promising Student Leaders from Muttor to join us in the celebrations at Bengaluru. At the event the 2 Student Leaders were part of a panel discussion on Student Agency, and spoke about how student-led movements can catalyze community level changes. Here was true Agency in Action!

Meet our “Youngest” Student Leaders!

A market place set up to teach learners about the concepts of money and build rigor in addition and subtraction. This wasnt an activity designed by a teachers but rather by 9-10 year old Student Leaders from the learning centers at Sankalp Ek Prayas. With little help from their teachers, these students set up these markets as an innovative way to teach their juniors these numeracy topics!

The results!
Improved mastery of concept, a strong relationship between the students and a renewed joy in learning!