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Four I's

It is through the synergy of these four guiding principles that we envision designing interventions that will drive change within the educational ecosystem.


Maargadarshi, our flagship program, serves as our dedicated ideation and innovation center. Here, we engage in rigorous exploration, pushing boundaries, and acquiring valuable insights.

Our focus is exploring programs and interventions that can build student agency in classrooms and schools.

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REACH with Ecosystem

As we Reimagine Education for Agency in Children (REACH) we firmly believe in the transformative potential of collaboration, recognizing it as the catalyst for achieving remarkable milestones.


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REACH with Governments

As we begin to reimagine education for each of our 250 mission students in government schools across India, we are convinced that integrating our programs and vision with the government is the only way to achieve this goal. Towards this, we partner with district and state education departments and work with them to foster student-centered pedagogies and practices across all schools.

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Other Initiatives