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About Us

Involve is a non-profit dedicated to empowering students across India by fostering age-appropriate agency. Co-founded by IIT graduates Divanshu Kumar and Samyak
Jain, our mission is to prepare students for the 21st century.

Our goal for the next six years is to impact ten million students through a peer learning-teaching model, guided by principles of co-creation, student-led initiatives, and
voluntary participation.

Currently, Involve collaborates with over 200,000 students, significantly enhancing their learning outcomes, with a 39% improvement in maths scores and increased ownership and
leadership among students. Our flagship Peer Teaching program engages students
aged 12-16 as teachers and mentors in government schools, leading to academic
progress and a positive learning culture.

At Involve, we aim to cultivate student agency, encouraging engagement, curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and active participation in decision-making.



Our mission is to see an India where all students will have age-appropriate agency to thrive and realise their full potential.


It is our vision that 10 million students will have the opportunity to experience agency by 2030. 

Story of Change

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We are owners

Priyanshi, Kanak, and Anjali, as Nipun Champions, demonstrated remarkable leadership, initiating peer learning sessions to support Learners (Lower class students) in grasping complex concepts. They efficiently managed school records, including the Mid-Day Meal and Attendance registers, ensuring accuracy. Addressing challenges within their learner groups, they collaborated with teachers for effective solutions. Beyond academics, they infused positivity by writing inspiring quotes on the blackboard daily, fostering a culture of optimism.
Their collective efforts not only catalysed a culture of learning and leadership but also inspired others to follow their example. These four students emerged as change-makers, exemplifying the transformative potential of Nipun Champions.

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Innovating against the odds

Babrala-1 Primary School, led by Head Teacher Priti Sharma, embraced innovation despite infrastructure challenges. With just two classrooms for over 110 students, they implemented Peer Learning. Initially met with hesitation, the teachers' encouragement fueled student engagement. Kanak and Aryan emerged as NIPUN champions, symbolising success. Celebrating student achievements became a cornerstone, with initiatives like birthdays and festivals fostering participation. Despite challenges, Priti Sharma and her team tracked progress diligently, fostering student agency.
The BEO commended their efforts, recognizing their role in empowering students and fostering a culture of learning. In Babrala-1 Primary School, amidst infrastructure struggles, innovation and dedication shine through, showcasing the power of nurturing young minds.

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Success breeds success

Anurag, a 3rd-grade student, was struggling academically and hesitated to interact with others, often feeling shy. His class teacher decided to create a peer learning group with Tanish, a Nipun champion student from 5th grade, to help Anurag.

Tanish started teaching Anurag through peer learning, and soon, Anurag began to feel more comfortable and started interacting with other students. He has now become more confident, regularly attends school, and has even started helping others like Tanish. This initiative has not only improved Anurag's learning capacity but also boosted his confidence and life skill

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Roli Kumari’s journey of support and success

In the bustling district of Bhagalpur, within the Nagar Nigam block, Madanlal Kanya Naya Bazar School witnessed a heartwarming tale of friendship and academic support. Roli Kumari, a bright Class 3 student, helped her friend Monica overcome numerical challenges, embodying peer learning empowerment. When Roli discovered Monica's struggles with arithmetic, she sought guidance from her teacher, who introduced her to the Peer Learning Program facilitated by Involve. Embracing this opportunity, Roli devised a comprehensive study plan for Monica, including tailored learning materials and daily study sessions. After a month of dedicated effort, Monica successfully answered 9 out of 10 evaluative questions, reflecting Roli's effective guidance and Monica's hard work. Roli's actions not only enhanced her leadership skills but also showcased the transformative power of peer support in fostering academic success and empathy within the community.

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Amrit Singh's Journey to Embracing Teamwork

Amrit Singh, a 5th-grade student at GES Harpalpur, initially struggled with the group dynamics in his classroom. When we first divided the students into groups, he was unhappy with his group because it had more girls than boys, and his friends were placed in other groups. Having never studied with girls before, he felt uncomfortable and out of place. This discomfort often led to conflicts within the group, necessitating frequent changes to his group assignments.

To address this, we regularly spoke with Amrit individually, encouraging him to take on a leadership role and work collaboratively with his group members. Over time, he began to adjust and realised the importance of maintaining harmony and focusing on his studies within the group.

By the end of the term, Amrit shared in our closing session that he had come to appreciate his group members, especially the girls who were initially a source of discomfort. He acknowledged that they were supportive and helpful when he needed them. Amrit expressed that he now enjoys working in a group and values the collaborative learning experience.

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