Our flagship program- Peer Teaching focusses on leveraging collaborative learning spaces in schools to build a sense of agency in students.

Improvement in numeracy score of students
Students Leaders became more confident as a result of the program


Story of Mahendra

This story is of Mahendra. Mahendra was a student in 8th standard. He struggled to pay attention and focus in his peer-teaching class. His leader was finding it challenging to take classes for him. So, he was added to a group where Deekshitha was the student leader. She was ready to support Mahendra's leader and work with him to make maths interesting for him by doing various activities. And eventually, Mahendra became more involved in learning and said, "I am learning addition from Deekshitha, and I am really happy." Another striking factor in this story is Deekshitha is, from 7th grade, who confidently managed a learner who was a senior. This shows that age is just a number if you have the will to do something!

What is your goal?

Entering this new year, we had a question for our Student Leaders. The question was, "What is your goal for this year, and how are you planning to achieve it." During this activity, we saw our leaders have big goals, think critically about different ways to achieve the goals, list materials and steps to be taken to achieve these goals. The leaders not only did it for themselves but also asked questions to help each other think critically. It's time we stop and wonder, what does it truly take for our students to take charge of their life and accomplish the unachievable? Maybe some space to think without limitations and someone telling them, "Sky is the limit."