Peer based learning is a pedagogical practice that improves ownership and investment in learning among students. When students teach and learn from their peers, they develop better clarity about the content being taught, while the student teachers develop future ready skills like collaboration, problem solving and become stronger communicators. It also create a culture of students learning from each other and taking ownership of their learning hence reducing dependency on teachers.

Offline Peer teaching

Our in-school Peer Teaching program prepares students from Grade 7 and above to teach their juniors (Grade 4-7). Student-Leaders (senior students) are given content training,resources and tools to create an engaging classroom for their learners. Additionally, leadership sessions help Student-Leaders build their mindset and future ready skills.

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Online Peer teaching

With schools being shut during the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning of many of our students came to a complete halt. In order to prevent loss of learning, We decided to move our Peer Teaching program online. We started a WhatsApp based Learn from Home program to engage students through activities and projects. The Online Peer Teaching program was also launched where selected Student-Leaders would teach their peers using Google Meet/ Zoom/ WhatsApp calls or regular calls. The core purpose of this program, besides the continuous learning, was to ensure social and emotional well- being of the students while supporting them in their learning during the pandemic, By 2022, we aspire to impact 1000 students through this program creating more future ready student-leaders and academically improves learners.


Peer Learning Adoption

A program designed to create Peer Learning spaces in classrooms. We work with teachers to incorporate Peer Learning methods in their classroom instruction with the goal of improving mastery in academics and building collaborative classroom culture.

Building skills through entrepreneurship

A pioneering experiential entrepreneurship program designed to create an entrepreneurial mindset in high school students. In this program Students learn about the skills required for entrepreneurship and get opportunities to practice them through creating and pitching business models.

Learn From Home

With the pandemic leading to school closures since 2020, we launched a program through which students could continue to be engaged while at home. The Learn from Home program involved students receving daily activities on WhatsApp. Activities were intended to explore the natural curiosity of children and build skills like problem solving in them. Over the program we say >75% engagement in the activities. To know more about the program and it's impact check Learn From Home report on resources page.