1. 2017: Involve’s Peer Teaching program of Involve wins the Global Engagement Summit at Northwestern University Chicago

  2. 2018: Involve registered as an organization and its year long Peer Teaching program implemented with 200 students in India.

  3. 2018: Involve recognized as one of the top 10 non-profits in India by N/Core and gets incubated at Singapore International Foundation's YSE program.

  4. 2019: Peer Teaching program conducted in 30 schools in Chennai and Bengaluru, impacting 2400 Student-Leaders and Learners

  5. 2020: Online Peer Teaching pilot started with 30 groups of Student-Leaders and Learners teaching and learning from one another.

  6. 2020: Involves Peer Teaching program shortlisted for Reimagine Education Presence Teaching and Learning award.



We believe in the power of teams to achieve the extraordinary. We are a group of people with passion and right skill sets, from various backgrounds, united by our vision of developing student agency.

Divanshu Kumar

Co-Founder, CEO

I am the spring that gives life to deep-rooted individuals in the forest

Samyak Jain

Co-Founder, COO

I am the electric current that uncovers your true self and sparks energy

Priyansh Nagpal

Communication Lead

Priyansh Nagpal

Asha Shanbhag

Operations Lead- Community Model (Urban)

Asha Shanbhag

Ashwini Ramakrishnan

Design Lead

I am the enabler that will make people believe in themselves

Suprith Sridharamurthy

Operations Lead- Scale Model

I'm the mirror that lets people accept and reflect their true selves.

Pratibha Narayanan

Program Manager

I am the solid rock in the flowing river

Malavika Acharya

Operations Lead - Fellow Model


Sindhu K

Operations Associate


Anna Daniel

Curriculum Lead

Anna Daniel

Sudhanshu Kumar

Operations Lead - (Rural)

Sudhanshu Kumar

Nandini Jhaveri

Curriculum Specialist

David Nallathambi

David Nallathambi

Fundraising and Operations Mentor

David Nallathambi


At Involve, we believe that the strength of an organization lies in its team. We try to ensure that each member of our team is given opportunities to learn, lead and grow in their chosen space. The values that we prioritize as an organization also reflect our commitment towards growth for our students, our team and ourselves. We operate with the motto "Take chances, make mistakes and treat them as learning opportunities."